1976 Rickenbacker Pickup Replacement

Pickups by Sergio Silva

I set this page up to document the installation of new pickups made by Sergo Silva (see Winding up With the Best discussion). Man they sound great, I forgot just how good this old bass was. It now has the true Rickenbacker sound. I took some pictures of the bass and the new pickups and posted them below. I also made a sound clip where I put the tone knobs at mid position and the volume all the way for both pickups. I put the switch in treble position and played a riff, moved to bass position and played the same riff and then to the mid position and played again. Keep in mind that bass is not my main instrument so please ignore the flubs.

Sound Clip (mp3)
Picture of new pickups (pupsbysergio.jpg)

Here is a tune I recorded back in the mid 80s with the original pickups before I had any problems with them.
Wired (mp3)
This was recorded on a Tascam 244 cassette based 4-track. The beat is a cheap casio keyboard, the guitar is a Yamaha strat-like HSS through a Peavy 100 watt solid state combo amp. The bass is the trusty Rickenbacker 4001 running through the same Peavy amp. I wrote and recorded this tune mostly to try out my new guitar and amp. I am playing bass and both guitar parts.

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